Ahad, 26 April 2009


Last week, after prayed at St.Lawrence, Sabu, it was the second time i prayed there i asked for the church organ..
Why there was nobody to play the organ? Definitely, no organist in the church.
So, I offered myself to be an organist for their church.
Some dialog we had...
Church advisor: "Good, good! You can see Viviana's mum to take the songs notes!"
Me: "Ok.. thanks!"
Viviana's mum: "Oh my God! You a really our church saviour (huh?)... you can take over my daughter's place as organist here because she now studied at Kuching...
Me: "Sure... that why i asked for that (LOL)... there was no organist here and i preferred to play it.."
Viviana's mum: "Ok, you can start next week!" (OMG!)

Yesterday, i came again to the church. Waiting the teacher to teach me. As they said, my teacher is Mr. Lawrence. How he looks like? Ada ku kesah?? Cakcakcakcak.. LOL.
Unfortunately, he was sick. So, he cant came to teach me. =(
So, i just given the notes that i'll plays for next day. There was 8 songs~ Uuuu.. im regulary played 5 songs before at my old church.
Then, i tried to open the notes book... AYARKKKK!!!! x_x

U knoe how to read this?

So i preferred to use my own style. Lantak ar... plus, i use to played the all songs given.


Now... i was in the church... erk.. so 'cuak' that time... yeah.. the 3rd time step my foot to that church... Hmmm.. there was 30mins before we start the Mass Ceremony(upacara Misa).

I need to meet Mr. Lawrence for a sound check. He is older than i guested. Around 70 i think.. Gosh! He can be my grandpa.. hahaha =P

He comfirmed all the songs number. OMG! One of the songs i've never played before! So, i asked him to changed the song to other song. Aiyoo it was 25mins left! How i want to practice only in 25mins? He said, just play spontaneus!! Ahhh?! X.X

After tested my notes, and all is excellent, I sat at organ place. Clicking the buttons there. Fortunately, I used this type of organ. No probs with me. The church began to full with pewer (peoples who came to pray).

And the choirs group is coming! OMG... after this i began to start my first note. The song was annouced.

Choir leader: "All stand up and sing Hymns No.27"

ITS SHOW TIME! ..............................................
Tut tut tut....
No longer, prayer is over. Fuhh....
Im satisfied, overall i played is ok..
Arghhhhh.... im lazy to typing now! kekekee.. the story is finished! =P

P/s: Sorry, my english little bit 'hancuss'!